2020 Together for Children Conference

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“There must be a profound recognition that parents are the first teachers and that education begins before formal schooling and is deeply rooted in the values, traditions, and norms of family culture.”  Sara Lawerence-Lightfoot

SOC-ORAEYC has always existed as an organization that is committed to supporting the professional development of those working with children in early , elementary, and care environments.  As our organization has deepened its work in Southern Oregon, our mission has expanded to include the nurturing of families and caregivers.  This work is being approached in collaboration with many other key organizational partners in our region and we encourage you to visit their websites by selecting their logo at the bottom of this page.

The parent page of this website is designed to provide you with links to additional resources—both formal and informal.  You will find videos to inspire your relationships with your family and to honor you as your child’s first and most important teacher.


SOC-ORAEYC has been serving professionals in Jackson and Josephine Counties for over 30 years.  Our board and members are committed to supporting early care and education professionals in their professional paths.  We believe in the power of networking, innovative trainings, and moving the work we all do to support children and families into the public view as the powerful and community changing force that it is.

The professional page of this website is designed to highlight local, regional, and national opportunities for professional development.  See the Membership page to better understand the benefits of joining in our work.  We are happy to connect with you about specific questions you might have—just send us a note from our Contact page.

Join Us for the SOC-ORAEYC Together for Children Conference 2020

February 28 - 29, 2020 ~ Medford, OR

The Board of SOC-ORAEYC is please to welcome you to the 2020 Together for Children Professional Conference.  Held in beautiful downtown Medford, Together for Children is one of Oregon’s largest conferences for early childhood, elementary education, home visiting, and parent education professionals. Attendees will hear from national and regional experts on how to support and nurture young children and their families. We hope you will mark your calendar now and make plans to join us as we grow in our work—Together for Children! Spanish Sessions also available.

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